The Achilovs Twins Travel Show

#38: Slovenia with Manca Korelc

November 04, 2021 Hasan and Husein Brothers Season 2 Episode 24
The Achilovs Twins Travel Show
#38: Slovenia with Manca Korelc
Show Notes

Welcome friends!
 Our guest is Manca Korelc. Manca is an extremely energetic freelance entrepreneur from Kočevje, a heartfelt lakes researcher, a passionate lecturer and a keen sportswoman. She likes to go beyond herself, as she enjoys the most out of her comfort zone. She loves the lakes so much, that she dedicated her life to them. Since the spring of 2017, when the Moja jezera project originated, its daily routine has been intertwined with lakes. Manca’s book The Slovenia Lakes is the most genuine, profound and unique book about lakes. It is not a tourist guide, more a long ode to the Slovenian lakes.

Slovenia is a country in Central Europe. Slovenia is mostly mountainous and forested, and has a population of 2.1 million, of which 300,000 live in the capital and largest city Ljubljana.

Connect with Manca Korelc:

00:00 Opening
 02:36 Tell us about yourself
09:13 Greeting people in Slovenia
13:34 What might surprise foreigners if they visit Algeria?
15:52 Baby dragons. Olm 
20:28 Three aspects of your culture to put in a "time box" for the future
23:17 Misconceptions about Slovenia
29:09 Potica - Slovenian Nut Roll
32:22 Best time to visit the country

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